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SubmitEdge Gains Prominence Among Global Customers
As per the recent reports from reliable sources, SubmitEdge which has been in this industry since 2006 gains prominence among global customers. SubmitEdge offers wide range of link building services and the most comprehensive SEO services. As this company continues to produce top results for customers the reputation level of the company continues to improve. Though SubmitEdge operates from India, US and UK, this company has managed to secure customers from almost every country in the world. Since 2006 SubmitEdge has serviced over 18,000 customers through various SEO and link building services.

SubmitEdge Continually Upgrades It Portfolio
As one of the top SEO and link building companies, SubmitEdge continues to add many new services to its portfolio. Some of the latest services added to the portfolio in the last few months include video creation service, video optimization service and web page speed optimization service. Among these web page speed optimization service is the latest added service. This service tries to help websites improve their loading speed. For websites to enjoy good ranking it is important that the pages load fast and have a minimum page speed score of 90+. Websites that have lesser page speed score will rank poorly. SubmitEdge with its page speed optimization service helps websites improve ranking. SubmitEdge guarantees websites a minimum page speed score of 90+ and if the company should fail to achieve this score for their customers complete refund will be given. This attracts many new customers to try SubmitEdge page speed optimization services. Many websites have already been optimized for enhanced page speed score.

Improving one's page speed score is becoming a vital step in reaching the desired ranking in Google. So many webmasters are becoming more and more conscious about this factor and they look for reliable companies to entrust their page speed optimization needs. By launching this new service SubmitEdge offers very timely help to webmasters that are keen in improving their website's page loading speed. This not only improves your ranking but it also improves the user experience. Users like to use websites that load fast because it is very easy to make use of websites that load fast.